The Baton Rouge Area Mustangers is a club committed to preserving the popularity and continued existence of the Mustang automobile. Fellow Mustangers are an excellent source of information by providing a wealth of knowledge related to the Mustang automobile. Our club meeting is held on the first Wednesday of each month at Jones Creek Cafe & Oyster Bar , (225-755-3550) located at 15005 Market Street, in Baton Rouge. The meeting begins at 7:00pm. Members begin arriving between 6:15-6:30 to get a bite to eat and to chat about – you guessed it – Mustangs!

Our club participates in various activities throughout the year. Being a Mustang Club of America Regional club, our members travel to show their cars at MCA sanctioned shows held by other MCA Regional Clubs including Pensacola, Florida, Biloxi, Mississippi and Houston Texas. Some of our members also travel even longer distances to attend National and Grand National Shows usually among a gathering of 500 plus Mustangs. Members also attend local supercruises in our area, host at least one car show per year sponsored by our club, cruise to restaurants for a bite to eat, and host an annual Christmas party.

Membership Dues:

Dues for membership in our club is $30 per year. All dues are due in January of each year. If you join between the months of January and June, your $30 dues should be paid in full. If you join between the months of July and December, your initial dues will be $15 for the remainder of that calendar year.

Join our Club:

Our club welcomes both late and early model Mustangs as well as other Ford model automobiles to join our club. Even if you do not currently own a Mustang, we welcome you to join – you will eventually own a Mustang!

We hope to meet you and your classic car soon,

The Baton Rouge Area Mustangers